『Shockwatch』Ultimate Guide: Price, Selection, Usage, Work

『Shockwatch』Ultimate Guide Price Selection Usage Work

What is ShockWatch Price? A ShockWatch impact indicator discourages improper handling and lowers product damage-related expenses, indicating whether the package has been in storage or during transit when it was subjected to an impact that could have been harmful.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, air and marine freight rates have skyrocketed and become increasingly scarce. Numerous businesses have emerged at a rising expense. Because of this, cargo safety during transit is very crucial.

What is Shockwatch?

In 1976, ShockWatch Inc. (now Spotsee) introduced the Shockwatch Indicator Label in the United States.Impact indicators are able to determine whether a shipment was involved in a collision while being transported. When bright red, the consignee can swiftly examine the contents. Simply glance at the color change to accept delivery or request reimbursement. Spotsee’s Shockwatch line of products eliminates the possibility of concealed damage to your belongings by using impact indicator and tilt sensor technology, protects warranty claims, and oversees and promotes responsible treatment by carriers throughout the shipment of your goods.

impact indicator products: ShockWatch, ShockWatch 2, ShockWatch Clip, ShockWatch Tube, ShockDot, ShockWatch Flex, ShockWatch RFID (NEW!)

tilt indicator products: TiltWatch XTR, TiltWatch Plus, TiltWatch RFID (NEW!)

ShockWatch and TiltWatch are a brand name for shock and tilt indicators, however, in some countries, people get used to calling an impact indicator and/or a tilt indicator as TiltWatch even though they can distinguish the difference.

ShockWatch series Includes:

ShockWatch Labels

ShockWatch labels are tamperproof, mechanically-activated devices that turn bright red when an impact occurs. Over 7 million ShockWatch labels are used each year as a highly visible deterrent to product mishandling.

shockwatch 25g l 65

ShockWatch CLIP

ShockWatch Clips can secure products weighing up to 10,000 pounds and 500 cubic feet. ShockWatch provides extra indicators and recorders for higher sensitivity and more demanding monitoring requirements.

shockwatch clips

ShockWatch TUBE

Customers can gain a competitive advantage by incorporating impact-sensing technology directly into their goods, thanks to the ShockWatch Tube impact indicator. Power and Cost Considerations for Adding Shock Indicators to New Products

shockwatch tube


ShockDot indicators are an easy way to increase supply chain accountability by identifying potentially damaged goods. It features a bigger display for better visibility, a tamper-proof serial number, and a QR code for speedy scanning.

sw223 shockdot mockup 25g r1v1 11 8 18

ShockWatch 2

ShockWatch 2 is a bi-directional vertical response impact indicator that becomes bright red in the event of an accident. It has field armable, tamper-proof, mechanically actuated devices.

SW2 25G 1

What does a ShockWatch Indicator do?

A Shockwatch is a very obvious deterrent to product maltreatment that lets everyone know that your shipment is being watched for mishandling and should be treated carefully. You may export delicate, breakable, and perishable items with confidence knowing that extra care will be taken during transit if you use shockwatch labels.

Customers may demand additional control over their things during shipment and delivery if they must ship delicate, pricey, or expensive items. Shockwatch can be an accurate solution, but it can be difficult to guarantee customers’ happiness with the safety of their fragile goods. One type of impact indicator used to measure and display the amount of shock experienced during shipment is the shockwatch. Shockwatch Indicators help lessen carrier damage and notify you of potential product maltreatment and shipping damage during dispatch.

How does Shockwatch work?

Shockwatch tubes are mechanical so they can work without a power supply and not result in power consumption. When an impact happened, the stored liquid of a tube burst out of surface tension and dyed its coating on another side of the tube.

Because shockwatch tubes are very visible, they cannot be reset or reused after an impact. Instead, they will turn red to indicate possible damage. This characteristic allows Shockwatch indicators to give clients indisputable proof of impact. Furthermore, the well-designed Shockwatch indicators eliminate the need for customers to worry about their regular movement activating the Shockwatch.

Which G-level of Shockwatch fits me the best? How Do You Choose a ShockWatch?

Based on the level of impact your items can bear, Shockwatch indicators are available in various sensitivity levels for customers to choose from 25 G to 100 G.

Starting Points – Selection Guide

Determine the final packaging’s volume and weight coverage; an acceptable G level is indicated in the table. Alternatively, you can use the online selection guide below to construct a model automatically by entering the dimensions and weight.

Shockwatch 25G L-65Shockwatch 37G L-55 Shockwatch 50G L-47 Shockwatch 75G L-35 Shockwatch 100G L-30
shockwatch 25g l 65shockwatch 37g l 55shockwatch 50g l 47shockwatch 75g l 35shockwatch 100g l 30


Shockwatch has many uses; the selection guide is only a place to start if you’re having trouble figuring out what g level is right for you. While some users prefer less sensitive versions with bigger g levels to reduce disputes of label activation, others would like more sensitive models with smaller g levels to prevent concealed damage. Before choosing confirmation, we advise you to speak with your local sales representative or to get guidance from us.

How to determine the correct Shockwatch g force?

Every g shockwatch sensor has a matching “G,” thus when the shock acceleration above the G value, the indicator will start to turn red. The larger the number, the greater the necessary shock force. The specification states that each G level has a tolerance of ±15%. That example, the indication ought to be turned on if the given G level is within a 15% tolerance. This can be thought of as the proper G force as well.

How do you use Shockwatch Indicators?

To use Shockwatch, just place the companion label on the package’s edge. Next, place the alarm sticker on the bill of lading.

A box’s edge offers the best structural integrity. When an impact indicator is placed in the center of a box, the box absorbs impact force. An collision causes the midsection of the box to flex, which causes the box to absorb part of the force. Alert stickers serve as a helpful reminder that an indicator is there, enabling handlers and consignees to properly evaluate and react to indicators.

● Position the Shockwatch label onto a level area on the right edge of the carton or product package that is being handled.

● Make sure your item’s Shockwatch label is always on its longest side.

● You should attach the label lower on heavier items.

Why do you need Shockwatch?

Consumers need to be aware that unreported shipment damage can cause delays and warrant repairs; worse, it can adversely damage a business’s reputation. By attaching Shockwatch labels to your goods, you can not only alert couriers to potential shipping damage but also let them know that your item needs extra care throughout transit.

● To lessen loss and improper handling while shipping

● To present indisputable proof of influence

● To notify the receiver to check the things

● To pinpoint supply chain weak points and ensure quality

Why do you need Shockwatch

What Is Shockwatch Price?

The costs of the Shockwatch indicator fall inside the range shown in the table below when you search for it online. In the market, Spotsee Shockwatch costs from USD $3 to $6 while Shockwatch 2 costs from USD $2 – $5. However, because of local expenses and taxes, the distribution price and retail price may differ.

Product NamePrice (USD)
Shockwatch$3 – $6
Shockwatch 2$2 – $5
ShockWatch Clip (single tube)$3 – $4.5
ShockWatch Clip (double tube)$4.5 – $6.5
ShockWatch Tube$2 – $4
ShockDot$2.2- $2.3
ShockWatch Flex (single tube)$2.4
ShockWatch Flex (double tube)$4.7 – $5.5
ShockWatch RFID$2.4 – $3.5
Shockwatch series referral market price

ShockWatch Companion Labels

One thing that many forget is that when you get a Shockwatch, the accessories do not come with the Shockwatch companion label. Generally speaking, the companion label is an optional extra that costs nothing extra, but you must buy it separately.

The cost of an auxiliary companion label is USD 40–45 per roll, with 200 pieces for each roll.

【2021】ShockWatch Indicator How It Works Where To Buy Shock Watch Stickers?

Where to buy Shockwatch Indicators?

ShockWatch Taiwanhttps://www.shockwatch.tw/
Shockwatch comhttps://shockwatchlabels.com/
ShockWatch UKhttps://www.shockwatchuk.com/
ShockWatch Australiahttps://www.shockwatch.com.au/
ShockWatch New Zealandhttps://shockwatch.co.nz/
ShockWatch Indiahttps://www.srvcontrols.com/
ShockWatch Belgiumhttps://www.scorebelgium.com/
ShockWatch Germanyhttps://jumbo-solutions.de/
ShockWatch Denmarkhttp://www.granbypack.dk/
ShockWatch Norwayhttps://elcon-broker.no/
ShockWatch South Africahttps://www.shockwatch.co.za/
Uline ShockWatchhttps://www.uline.com/BL_1053/Shockwatch

ShockWatch HS Code

The harmonized system of international commodities, or HS Code, is a single, uniform standard that may be used to quantify the tariff rates associated with the entrance and exit of different products. Worldwide, the first six HS Code codes are in common use. Typically, two or four more codes are added on the back by each nation to further categorize the items based on their unique requirements.

So, what is the HS code for shockwatch labels?

For Shockwatch impact indicator, its HS code is 9031.80

For Shockwatch companion label, its HS code is 4821.90

【2021】ShockWatch Indicator How It Works Where To Buy Shock Watch Stickers?