3M Monitor Mark | MonitorMark Time Temperature Indicator | 9860, 9861A, 9864C


3M Monitor Mark temperature indicator that changes color when exposed to the specified threshold temperature. An inexpensive solution for monitoring product exposure to a range of temperatures over a set period. Self-adhesive backing allows for easy attachment to secondary packaging. Visual results are easily interpretable. Provides a visual record of time and temperature exposure. The MonitorMark indicators are an important part of monitoring the cold chain transportation for many products. Benefits:

  • A relatively low-cost solution for monitoring product exposure
  • The results indicate both exposure and the relative time over which it occurred.
  • Easy to use
  • Guarantee the product’s quality and safety

The World Health Organization regulates the use of time temp indicators (TTIs) for certain medical products. There is extensive regulation by the FDA on the use of TTIs on US seafood products. Monitor Mark is the best choice for saving the costs. This product is a sister product to 3M Freeze Watch, and it is highly recommended to use them together.


What is a monitor mark? What is a 3M temperature indicator?

3M Monitor Mark indicators measure temperature exposure, not quality. Their goal is to indicate when the product’s quality should be tested. The obvious applications include drug or vaccine monitoring, medical diagnostic kits, blood substances, and ophthalmic solutions. Monitor Mark Time Temperature Indicators are suitable for use with any temperature-sensitive product. They are primarily used in conjunction with packaging (such as cartons, cans, and so on) to monitor the condition during storage or distribution, as well as to evaluate the containers.

ShockWatch WarmMark Duo and WarmMark Long Run have the same technology as 3M Monitor Mark. 

How does a 3M monitor mark work?

When exposed to the specified threshold temperature, Monitor Mark time temperature indicators will change color. When exposed to a constant temperature 2°C above the threshold temperature for the indicated cumulative run-out time, the run-out distance will be within the specification’s limits. For monitoring of product exposure to freezing temperatures, we recommend the 3m freezewatch indicators. A porous indicator strip serves as the indicator’s heart. One end is mounted on a reservoir path, which contains a blue-colored chemical substance with the desired melting point. A removable activation strip separates the reservoir indicator; once removed, the label is activated. A cardboard top layer with viewing windows is covered with a transparent protective film. The 3M Monitor Mark indicator is a diffusion-based indicator. With increasing temperature a blue-dyed fatty acid ester diffuses through a porous wick (made from a high-quality blotting paper), thus giving a measurable response. Indicators are designed to run (blue colour movement) when the temperature exceeds the threshold. After this occurs, the indicators will continue to run until the temperature falls below the threshold. Typical stopping temperatures are 2-3°C below the threshold temperature.


What is the cost of 3M monitor mark?

In search of the market, 3M Monitor Mark price range is US $4.3 ~ $7.5. Available Models: 3M Product Number / 3M Stock Number / Threshold / Runout Time

  • 9860A 70-0700-7097-7 -15ºC 48 hours
  • 9860B 70-0700-6804-7 5ºC 48 hours
  • 9860C 70-0700-8189-1 10ºC 48 hours
  • 9860D 70-0700-7243-7 10ºC 168 hours
  • 9860E 70-0707-4692-3 26ºC 48 hours
  • 9860H 70-0701-1995-6 31ºC 168 hours
  • 9861A 70-0702-4138-8 10ºC 336 hours  34ºC >1 hour
  • 9864A 70-0706-0146-6 17ºC 1 hour
  • 9864B* 70-0703-1208-0 31ºC 72 hours


Who is the manufacturer of Monitor Mark?

Neogen is the MFG for Monitor Mark.

Neogen MonitorMark Time Temperature Indicator 1


Monitor Mark Spec

Brands: MonitorMark

Factory ISO Certification: No ISO Certification information available

Product Type: Time Temperature

Quantity: 500/case

Recommended Industry: Bakery, Beverage & Bottled Water, Chemicals, Confectionary, Dairy, Eggs, Fruits & Vegetables, Grain & Oilseed Milling Sector, Meat, Nutraceuticals, Pet Food & Animal Feed, Poultry, Seafood

Run-out Time: 7 days

Shelf Life: 2 Year

Storage Temperature: 22°C/72°F or less, 20-60% relative humidity

Temperature Threshold: 10 ℃ (50 ℉)

Test Type: Environmental

Dimensions: 95 mm x 19 mm x 2 mm (3.74 in x 0.748 in x 0.079 in)  


MonitorMark Accessory

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