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Impact Label shock indicator for shipping, a.k.a. impact indicator, is a single-use impact detection device that activates (turns red) when an impact level exceeds the unit’s g force threshold. For various industries, transport shock indicators can be attached to your package or directly to a product inside.

When dropped, the color changes from white to red to indicate the impact. The red cannot be reset, allowing shippers to identify irresponsible handling in their supply chain. Furthermore, g force impact monitoring can detect potentially concealed damage products, reducing claims and alerting recipients to inspect items. According to one study, using a monitor reduces damage by 50% or more. We supply a variety of types and sizes. Stop your damaged deliveries with Impact Label, Clip Label, and Impact Tube today!

This product is a sister product to Leaning Label tilt indicator, and it is highly recommended to use them together.


Impact Label 25G Shock Impact Indicator

Impact Label 25G, a shock impact indicator made in Taiwan by Wan-Yo, offers nearly 360° detection, monitors for mishandling, provides indisputable evidence of damage, is non-resettable, reduces damage-related costs, and is a cost-effective package solution.


  • ALL IN ONE SYSTEM Warn, Detect, Indicate, Monitor,  Track from Warehouse to Destination
  • REDUCE LIABILITY & SAVE MONEY Reduces Transportation-Caused Damage, Liability, Cost, and Enhance Corporate Image
  • LOGISTICS & HANDLING PROTECTION Pinpoint Cargo Damage, Indisputable Evidence of Mishandling for Freight Claims, or Repeated Mishandling
  • MECHANICAL OPERATION & SIMPLE TO USE No Electric Power Required, Only Peel and Stick
  • TAMPER PROOF & ACCOUNTABILITY Unique Serial Number to Verify Authenticity, Manage Product Conveniently, and Clarify Responsibility For Damage
  • ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION & OEM SERVICE Certified International Quality Assurance Control


How Does Shock Impact Indicator Help?

Once the goods with the Impact Label shock impact indicator have been dropped or impacted, the indicator’s middle window will turn red, indicating product damage. To avoid trouble, most handlers pay closer attention to goods marked with impact indicators. The goal is to deliver packages with the impact indicator successfully in order to reduce the possibility of damaged goods. Actual tests show that using an Impact Label reduces cargo damage by nearly 70%. Activation View -Impact Label 25G 【Shock Watch Impact Indicator】

Activation View WAN-YO Impact Label 25G Impact Indicator


When to Use?

Once goods are slightly impacted, the indicator will activate and indicate the handler of any damage.

  1. Fragile goods
  2. The total weight is extremely heavy.
  3. Large volume after packing
  4. A slight collision could ruin or damage your goods.
  5. Your goods cannot fall more than 15-30 cm.
  6. Wooden crate packaging
  7. Unable to be moved on hand





Product name: Impact Label
Dimension: 97 x 97 mm
Sensitivity: 10G~100G
Tolerance: ± 15%
Reaction time: 0.5 – 50 ms
Operating temperature: -25°C to 80°C (-13°F to 176°F)
Installation: Back adhesive
Shelf Life: 2 Years