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Leaning Label shipping tilt indicator for package provides indisputable evidence of mishandling because the product must remain upright and cannot be tipped. The tilt indicators can stick to your package and change from silver to red when they detect more than 80 degrees or less. The shipping tilt indicator allows shippers to identify irresponsible handling in their supply chain, as well as potentially concealed damage products, reducing supply chain claims. Furthermore, it can prompt the recipient to inspect the items. Each Leaning Label tilt indicator label includes a serial number to prevent tampering and ensure the indicator’s authenticity. The serial number gives you peace of mind that your goods have been thoroughly monitored from warehouse to destination. According to one study, using a monitor reduces damage by 50% or more. Use Leaning Label package tilt indicator to prevent damaged deliveries today! Product Model:

  • Leaning Label
  • Leaning Label II

This product is a sister product to Impact Label shock indicator, and it is highly recommended to use them together.


Leaning Label Tilt Indicator Labels

Leaning Label is a single-use tilt indicator label, 100% manufacture in Taiwan. For the cargo that must keep upright, the indicator monitors for improper tilt handling and ensures the integrity of your product. Leaning Label II is the 2nd gen of Tell Tilt Label Indicator, features an indication of the tilt direction, tilt to left or right. The indicator helps in tilt monitor during transportation or in storage. Display the direction of tilt is critical to judge damage, especially for goods with uneven weight and structure. The indicator can be used in the container or shipment.   PRODUCT FEATURE

  • VISUAL DETERRENT & ALERT HANDLERS 80° Tilt Monitor Keeps Watch Over Entire Journey As If You Supervised
  • MONEY-SAVING, TIME-SAVING, EFFORT-SAVING Reduces Transportation-Caused Damage, Liability, Cost, and Increase Integrity of Product. Help Inspect Contents Before Acceptance or Storage
  • ALL IN ONE SYSTEM Warn, Detect, Indicate, Monitor,  Track from Warehouse to Destination
  • LOGISTICS & HANDLING PROTECTION Pinpoint Cargo Damage, Indisputable Evidence of Mishandling for Freight Claims, or Repeated Mishandling
  • MECHANICAL OPERATION & SIMPLE TO USE No Electric Power Required, Only Peel and Stick
  • TAMPER PROOF & AUTHENTICITY Unique Serial Number to Verify Authenticity and Manage Product Conveniently
  • ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION & OEM SERVICE Certified International Quality Assurance Control



How Do Indicator Labels Help?

The indicator labels spot concealed shipment damage at the time of receipt of delivery. When a shipment is tilted or overturned during transport, a display window in the middle of the shipping tilt indicator changes from silver to red, which handlers can easily tell the goods has been improperly transported and respond to shipper accordingly.   Activation View - Leaning Label 【Tilt Indicator】

Activation View WAN-YO Leaning Label Tilt Indicator


When to Use?

The Leaning Label is the earliest and simple shipping tilt indicator to detect a tilt angle of 80°.

  1. Liquid cannot flow from a container.
  2. Product is top-heavy-bottom-light or with uneven weight and structure.
  3. Item must keep upright during transit.
  4. Fragile goods
  5. Large equipment
  6. Export/Import goods by pallet/plywood crate





Product name: Leaning Label

Dimension: 75 x 60 x 5 mm

Activated Angle: ≥80°

Detecting Range:  One Label: 180° (degrees) detection Two Labels: 360° (degrees) detection

Tolerance: ±5°

Operating Humidity: 5% to 99%

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Composition: Steel sheet and high density polyethylene

Installation: Back Adhesive or with screws and nails

Shelf Life: 2 years