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The ShockWatch 2 is a single-use, switch-activated device that detects if fragile products have been dropped or impacted during shipping or storage. When an impact exceeds a certain threshold (G-Level), the indicator changes from white to red.

The product has a total of 7 sensitivities, in order: 5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G. Each ShockWatch®2 has a unique serial number to support traceability and tamper resistance. Shipping sensitive items with a ShockWatch 2 impact indicator can prevent these situations from happening, flagging potential damage so items can be inspected.

Simply affix this disposable indicator to the package or component before shipping. If the delivery is red, it means the package has been impacted beyond the acceptable threshold. It may have fallen off or become loose during shipping. Maybe other cargo fell on it. Maybe a train coupling or a plane landing is particularly powerful. This product is a sister product to TiltWatch, and it is generally recommended to use them together.


Impact Label Shock Indicator

Single G Level Detection Point

Dual Impact Label Double Shock Indicator

(Accurate G Level Detection)

ShockWatch vs Impact Label

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How to read ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicator?

If the package has not been mishandled, the top or bottom window of ShockWatch 2 will be white. If a package is mishandled, one of the top or bottom windows will appear red.

As long as the ShockWatch 2 displays red in either window, when the shipment arrives at its destination, the recipient should immediately note any visible damage to the shipment and open the packaging and inspect the shipment for any damage. 

How to use ShockWatch2?

Before the item is shipped, just remove the adhesive backing from Shockwatch2 and attach this one-time use impact indicator to the package or component. If it is red when it is delivered, it means that there was more of an impact than what is considered to be acceptable. Perhaps it fell or came loose in transit.

Apply three Shockwatch2 pieces to the component on the three-axis dimensions to create nearly three-axis detections.

SHOCKWATCH2 3-axis mounting instruction


How does a Shockwatch 2 indicator work? 

Shockwatch 2 responds immediately when a product with a Shockwatch 2 attached or a package with an indicator on it is dropped or handled roughly.The indication windows visually shift from clear to bright red as a piece of solid plastic moves from the middle to the upper or lower.

Which ShockWatch 2 Indicator works best for me?

According to the G value, ShockWatch 2 is available in 5G pink, 10G sky blue, 15G cerulean blue, 25G yellow, 37G purple, 50G color, and 75G orange.

A total of 7 specifications are available for customers to choose from. Calculate the volume of your shipment according to the table below (m3) and weight (kg), corresponding to the recommended model.


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ShockWatch 2 Price

Shockwatch 2 costs from US $2 to $5 in the market. Retail prices and distribution prices may be different.

What is the difference between ShockWatch and ShockWatch2?

The first generation of ShockWatch detects impact force through the chemical reaction of dyeing, while ShockWatch2 detects impact force through the hardness of the spring and the weight of the component.

The working principles are different, which means:

The first generation of ShockWatch can detect 360-degree three-dimensional directions (up and down, left and right, front and back); while the second generation of ShockWatch2 can only detect 180-degree plane detection (up and down), but it can also reach 360 degrees by pasting the direction.

ShockWatch is in the detection state before use and may be damaged during transportation. Shockwatch2 can first lock the spring and components through the latches. When the user removes the latches, the detection state will be activated. Therefore, there is no chance of damage during shipping. 

ShockWatch 2 Shock Indicator Specifications

Operating temperature: -25°C ~ 80°C
Dimensions: 42.93 x 42.93 x 6.35 cm
Sensitivity: 5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G
Accuracy: +/- 15%
Responsiveness: Responds to a single impact
Ingredients: plastic shell, sticker, glass tube
Installation: self-adhesive


ShockWatch 2 Accessories

  • ShockWatch 2 Frame Label (For Shipment)
  • ShockWatch 2 Alert Sticker (For Bill of Lading)
  • ShockWatch 2 Companion Label (For Shipment)