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ShockWatch Labels Impact Indicators alert you when the package has been subjected to potentially harmful impacts during storage or transit, preventing mishandling and lowering damage-related expenses for your goods.

ShockWatch impact labels are mechanically actuated, tamper-proof devices. When an impact surpasses the ShockWatch label’s g force threshold, they turn a vivid red color. Impact reaction of ShockWatch Impact Labels is omnidirectional.

Impact indicators from ShockWatch Labels provide a cost-effective way to stop product damage during transit and lower your expenses associated with damage. Every year, more than 7 million ShockWatch labels are utilized.

This product is a sister product to TiltWatch, and it is generally recommended to use them together.


Impact Label Shock Indicator

(Single G Level Point Detection) 

Dual Impact Label Double Shock Indicator
(Accurate G Level Detection)

ShockWatch vs Impact Label

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How to use ShockWatch Label?

All you have to do is place the shockwatch label on the handled object’s flat surface. Regardless of where the label is placed on the item, ShockWatch labels can identify mishandling. However, for optimal sensitivity, positioning in the corner is advised.

How do you read ShockWatch labels?

If the package has not been mishandled, the circular indicator in the center of the ShockWatch label will remain white. If a package falls and exceeds a threshold of the set g level, the indicator will show all or part of red.

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Any red in the ShockWatch indicator will alert the recipient to inspect the package for any potential damage during transportation. When a shipment with an activated ShockWatch label arrives at its destination, the recipient should immediately note any visible damage to the shipment. Unpack and inspect the goods for any damage.


Which ShockWatch sticker works best for me?

According to the G value, ShockWatch is available in 5 specifications: 25G (L65) yellow, 37G (L55) purple, 50G (L47) red, 75G (L35) orange, and 100G (L30) green. Calculate your G value based on the table below. The volume (m3) and weight (kg) of the shipment will correspond to the recommended model, or you can use the online tool ShockWatch selection guide system to assist with calculation easily.



How does ShockWatch sticker work

ShockWatch stickers are mechanically activated, tamper-proof devices that hold a vial of red dye. When force is applied to a package that has a ShockWatch sticker attached to it, the label’s indicator will turn a bright red, signaling that mishandling has taken place.


ShockWatch Impact Indicator Specifications

Operating temperature: -25°C ~ 80°C
Dimensions: 96.52 x 96.52 mm
Sensitivity: 25G to 100G
Accuracy: +/- 15%
Responsiveness: Responds to a single impact
Ingredients: plastic shell, sticker, glass tube
Installation: self-adhesive


ShockWatch Label Stickers Accessories


ShockWatch Price

Price increases for the ShockWatch have been made from $2.5 to $5, depending on the quantity ordered. Because the product is always live and there’s a chance that it will be detected during shipment, the ShockWatch Stickers need to be packaged carefully and protected to avoid shipping damage.