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Tiltwatch Plus is suitable for products that cannot be tilted and must remain upright, providing 360° monitoring tilt detection and recording, including 3 independent tilt indicators, 2 of which are used to detect the tilt angle and direction, and 1 to indicate whether a complete flip has occurred .

Top: Indicates how much the cargo tilts to the left
Medium: Shows whether the cargo has overturned
Bottom: Indicates how much the cargo tilts to the right

After TiltWatch PLUS is applied to packaging, if the package or cargo is tilted, the female-free glass beads will roll to the corresponding angle, providing evidence of improper handling. Will not activate under normal operating conditions or during takeoff. Easily monitor your cargo for damage due to excessive tilt.

This product is a sister product to ShockWatch, and it is generally recommended to use them together.  

Leaning Label Plus Tilt Plus Indicator

TiltWatch PLUS vs Leaning Label PLUS

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How do I read the TiltWatch Plus tilt indicator?

First, read the companion label next to TiltWatch PLUS. The shipper wrote down the angle at which it cannot be tipped before shipping. Logistics handlers and recipients must immediately confirm the angle at which tipping is not allowed, and then check one of the three independent indicators of TiltWatch PLUS.

Beads are dropped from the position to confirm whether the specified non-tipping angle is exceeded. When a shipment arrives at its destination with an activated TiltWatch PLUS tilt indicator, the recipient should immediately note any visible damage to the shipment, open the packaging, and inspect the shipment for any damage.


How does the TiltWatch Plus tilt indicator work?

Like a pinball machine, when the TiltWatch PLUS indicator is tipped, the glass beads roll along the slope until they fall off the slope. 

TiltWatch Plus allows shippers to monitor multiple angles more freely than the previous generation, from 40 degrees to 80 degrees. 


TiltWatch Plus Specifications

Operating temperature: – 40°C ~ +60°C
Humidity range: 5% ~ 99%
Dimensions: 116.84 x 116.84 x 7.62 cm
Starting angle: 40°~80° (detected every 10°) and 180°
Accuracy: +/- 5%
Monitoring range: single plane
Ingredients: Plastic shell, stainless steel, self-adhesive Installation: self-adhesive

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TiltWatch Plus Price

ShockWatch TiltWatch Plus price falls US $2.3 to $5.7 in the market, depending on retail or distribution price.