TimesTrip PLUS | Irreversible Temperature Indicator | -20°C ~ 38°C


With ease and speed, Timestrip PLUS indicators track elapsed time at or above a designated threshold temperature. Your team can learn how long your items have been installed with the help of TimeStrip Indicators. The time temperature indicator is easy to use—just peel and stick it to the object with its adhesive backing. Its low-profile and understated design guarantees a seamless integration. A useful visual reminder of service and maintenance schedules for consumable components is provided by timestrip time indicators.

For cold chain monitoring, a compact card that combines Timestrip PLUS and Timestrip Descending indicator labels.

Features of TimeStrip Plus Indicators 

  • Unambiguous Temperature Breach
    Time elapsed from the breach is indicated by blue in the 2nd window
  • Traceable
    Unique serial number on each indicator
  • Finger activation
    Can be shipped and stored at ambient temperatures
  • Endless Customisation Possibilities
    Products and carrying cards to best represent your brand


What is the TimeStrip indicator?

The TimeStrip indicator is a time temperature indicator that is used for the storage and transportation of medications and other highly valued, regulated products. Tiny, non-reversible reminders are what TimeStrip elapsed time indicators are. You can check the duration since activation with them. Activated by applying pressure to the activation blister, they fill the window with color and display the amount of time that has elapsed. Time-strip time indicators are a type of patented visual reminder that can be attached directly to a product or device and are disposable after one use. Every Timestrip serves as an easy-to-remember visual cue to replace an expired product or complete an action, such as testing results verification or machine maintenance.  


What is the meaning of TimeStrip Temperature Indicator?

Time-stamp indicators are straightforward visual cues for any event that has a time limit. These are tiny, self-stick labels that can be integrated into or affixed to a product or apparatus. They keep track of elapsed time and signal when predetermined elapsed time and important time markers are reached. Within its product ranges, all products measure times and exposure time of a temperature.   How do time strips work?   How do I activate Timestrip? 

How do TimeStrips/TimeStrip Plus work?

When the temperature of the shipment rises above the threshold, a colored dye fills the window of the timestrip time temperature indicator; when the temperature falls again, the window stops.

The color dye will continue to advance until it reaches another high temperature, at which point it will fill the window and pass the useful time markers to mark time laterally.

By measuring the distance that the color has traveled along the printed time markers by the window, you can determine how long the Timestrip has been in operation. The Timestrip TTI breach monitoring window will display the total cumulative time of all elevated temperature breaches at the conclusion of a shipment.


How do I activate TimeStrip/TimeStrip Plus Indicators?

Before being activated, Timestrip PLUS had white windows and was inert. When the ambient temperature rises above the designated threshold temperature, activate at room temperature—pre-conditioning is not necessary.

Squeeze the blister button firmly on top/bottom of the indicator for products with your thumb and finger. There will be an ON and a blue line. 
When a window is activated, an activation line appears in the activation window and fills the window until the word “ON” appears.

See the video below for more details.


TimeStrip PLUS Breach Product Ranges

Timestrip Plus -20C
-20°C / 4°F
8 Hours
Frozen Shipments
-14C temperature indicator
-14°C / 6°F
24 Hours
Frozen Shipments
0C temperature indicator
0°C / 32°F
12 Hours
Frozen Transport
8C temperature indicator
8°C / 46°F
8 Hours
Pharma Cold Chain
8C 48H temperature indicator
8°C / 46°F
48 Hours
Controlled Room
10C temperature indicator
10°C / 50°F
8 Hours
10C temperature indicator
10°C / 50°F
48 Hours
10c 7day temperature indicator
10°C / 50°F
7 Days
Pharma Ward Use
25C temperature indicator
25°C / 77°F
12 Hours
Controlled Room
30C temperature indicator
30°C / 86°F
12 Hours
Controlled Room
38c temperature indicator
38°C / 100°F
12 Hours
Extreme Room

Timestrip PLUS time temperature indicator Specifications

Type: Irreversible, single use
Size: 40mm x 19mm
Activation Feature: A manual activation – button on the top
Breach Indication: Blue colour appears in breach window
Temperature Accuracy: +/-1°C / 2°F
Time Accuracy: +/-15% in isothermal conditions
Quality Assurance: Produced under ISO9001:2015
Recommended Storage: Room temperature: 22°C/72°F at 20-80% humidity. Cool dark environment.
Packaging: 100 indicators per bag
Shipping Requirement: No special requirements as they are inert until activated
Protection: Splashproof
Shelf Life: Pre-Activation: 2 years from shipping for most stock indicators, otherwise 2 years from date of manufacture.
                    Active Life: up to 1 year.