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Tip N Tell tells you if a package was really kept upright. Tip-N-Tell damage indicator is a leading low-cost damage indication device that shows the user visually (with a blue arrowhead) when the package has been tipped over during handling and transit. The blue arrowhead is irreversible.

Tip N Tell can detect whether a container has been completely overturned or just gently tipped on either side, which immediately alerts recipients of possible damage to packages during transit. The warning labels (included) give clear instructions for the receiver.


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TiltMonitor Tilt and Tell Indiator


Tip N Tell manufacturer is Index Packaging, Inc.

What is Tip N Tell Indicator?

Index is a US-based manufacturer of the powder-based Tip N Tell tilt indicator. There are currently two varieties. Tip N Tell red and Tip N Tell clear are the first. The two are different in the following ways:
Product Will there be a problem if I replace Tip N Tell with Leaning Label? White Tip N Tell - What's the different with Red Tip N Tell?
Style Tip N Tell RED Tip N Tell Clear
Weight Heavier Lighter
Strip Material Iron Plastic
Detection angle 90° 90°

How to Use Tip and Tell Damage Indicator?

The right way to use the Tip N Tell indicator is as follows: 1. Tear off the tape from behind and hold it up without tilting or shaking. 2. Apply paste to your items. 3. Take off the leftmost strip. * In order to detect 360 degrees, you must use Tip N Tell indicators on both sides. The strip’s upgrade is the most practical for users. It is inconvenient that the original Tip N Tell requires tools to remove. If you’d like, the new Tip N Tell can remove the strip using a tool or by hand.
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How Does Tip N Tell Work?

Tip N Tell consists of a viscous window, a set angle slope of 45°, and colored blue powder. The blue powder inside will slide along the angled slope and run to the middle window when the cargo is tilted; in the meantime, the blue powder will be retained by the sticky window. If the cargo has been tilted, the user can verify this.      


Color: Red/Clear Length: 3.875 ” Width: 2.75 ” Activation Angle: 90 degrees Material: Plastic Format: Case Format Unit Of Measure:100 Manufacturer Name: Index Packaging Manufacturer Number: TRB3 Add LM Logo Assembly: Assembled Suggested Usage: Indicate and detect damage during transit  

Tip N Tell Accessories

tip n tell warning label
Tip N Tell Warning Label for shipment and bill of lading

Tip N Tell Price

Tip N Tell price is US $1.05 – 2.5. The price can be changed according to different countries, shipping rates, and taxes. This list is for reference only.