【Compare #1】Spotsee Shockwatch v.s WAN-YO Impact Label

【Compare 1】Spotsee Shockwatch v.s WAN YO Impact Label

“What distinguishes Spotsee Shockwatch labels from WAN-YO Impact labels? Do you have benchmarks for comparison?” Occasionally, people inquire as to the distinctions between Impact Label made by Wan-Yo and Shockwatch labels made by Spotsee in the United States.

In the shipping indicator market, there are many many brands, and people often have a question: How should I choose a brand? Just like the question you have when you choose a TV at home: should I choose a brand with a well-known brand? Or a product with high cost-effectiveness? Therefore, This gave me the idea of ​​”comparison indicators”.

With more than 20 years of experience in the shipping indicator and packaging industry, I can compare some points that most customers care about and provide insightful and practical suggestions. The current stage planning starts with impact indicators and tilt indicators. Since there are fewer manufacturers of this type of product compared to others, it is a good starting point. As the two largest manufacturers of impact indicators, I have to start with the comparison between ShockWatch and Impact Label.

There are some parallels and some divergences in the responses. To briefly understand the distinction between the two labels, refer to the table below.

shockwatch 37g l 55
Shockwatch Labels
Impact Label 37G
Impact Label
Country of OriginMexico/China/USTaiwan
Armability (Read: Activated before using)Always Live (Read: YES)Always Live (Read: YES)
Sensitivity25G, 37G, 50G, 75G,100G10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G,100G
Limited Orientation DetectionNoNo
Indication Window SizeSameSame
ISO 9001YesYes

#1 Manufacturer: SpotSee & WAN-YO

Shockwatch Label (Shockwatch Inc., now Spotsee’s product)

Shockwatch Inc. began producing Shockwatch labels, a shipping monitoring device, in the United States in 1974. Presently, it’s Spotsee, which concentrates on supply chain solutions and is situated in the United States in Dallas, Texas. If you put ‘shockwatch.com’ on Google, the site will be redirected to ‘spotsee.io’

Before 2017, the production base of Shockwatch labels was mainly in Texas, USA. Later, the production base of Shockwatch labels was transferred to Mexico and China.

Impact Label (WAN-YO’s product)

After discovering that the market for shipping monitoring devices was nearly completely monopolized, WAN-YO established the company in 2009 and began mass-producing the Impact Label brand in 2013. Wan-Yo has grown to become the largest producer of transportation monitoring systems in Asia.

Impact Label is 100% produced in Taiwan and has obtained product patents.

#2 Quality & Sensitivity: Interchangeable

The primary source of concern for most users is the functional distinction between the Impact Label, manufactured by WAN-YO, and the Shockwatch stickers, manufactured by Spotsee in the US. After all, users care about accuracy in monitoring their valuable products, in case malfunction.

We did drop tests for Shockwatch stickers and Impact labels on both a cardboard box and a wood crate.

test w/ cardboard box
test w/ wooden crate

There’s no difference tested with the box while a little difference tested with the wood crate.
When testing with wood crate, ShockWatch 75G performs more insensitive than 100G which 75G should normally activate at a lower height before 100G activates while Impact Label performs normally. Perhaps it’s a defective label that happened occasionally.

As a result, for users who are concerned about accuracy, both brands are interchangeable for monitoring their shipments with peace of mind.

#3 Appearance & Accessories

Colors and shapes are the same, and partial warning texts are alike, only for two “CAUTION” on the Impact Label. The rest texts are contact info. WAN-YO didn’t put contact or a website on the labels, perhaps trying to protect their local distributors from the direct source.

It is worth noting that the independent serial barcode number in the Impact Label. It can prevent tampering which is replaced with a new shock indicator, moreover, providing tracking of each item. Barcode can be used with WAN-YO goods tracking system for Impact Label shock indicator and Leaning Label tilt indicator series.

Product Appearanceshockwatch 25g l 65Impact Label 25G
Alert StickerShockwatch alert stickerImpact Label Alert Sticker scaled
Companion Labelshockwatch companion labelImpact label companion labels

#4 Price

To most users, PRICE has been the crucial point whether change or not. Both brands have differences in pricing strategies.

Shockwatch Sticker Price Strategy

ShockWatch sticker’s price has been nearly the same for the past 20 years due to production costs and control under agent/distributor, however, some distributors may find a huge change from 2024. Spotsee created an online shop through its official website. Price differences may expand in the future.

Shockwatch Sticker Price Strategy

Impact Label Price Strategy

They focus on expanding market share, with greater price flexibility, coupled with production costs and agent pricing strategies, so the market prices are pretty low. The price of Alibaba, a world-famous B2B trading platform, is obvious from this point of view.

Impact Label shock indicator low price

#5 Service

Services to ‘impact indicator’ are nothing more than ‘label selection‘, ‘replacement service‘, and ‘custom labels‘.

Impact Indicator Label Selection

‘Which G of impact indicator works best for me?’ It’s been a frequent question to users. In general, sales will send a chart of label selection guide. Both MFGs provide simple selection guides for a starting point. The measurement is the same. The grade span of data is a bit different, but it’s due to a conversion from imperial to metric.

ShockWatch Label Selection Guide

Shockwatch selection guide

Impact Label Selection Guide

Select Impact Label

What’s more special is that Wan-Yo provides an online selection guide for their customers. You can simply put your shipment data into this free system without calculation. Check out this useful and convenient feature below.

However, most users may not be satisfied with rough calculations for their delicate and precise instrument/equip. This kind of customer tends to test it with the item(s). Wan-Yo can do a free dropping test with a lab instrument so customers can select a G level effortlessly.

Replacement Service

No one likes to get a damaged product before use. Years ago, Spotsee and Wan-Yo provided a ‘replacement service’ for activation shock labels upon arrival. ShockWatch or Impact Label, these kinds of shock labels detect shock events once they’re produced either in their warehouses or during transit to distributors. There is no other way to prevent it, but only to improve packaging and shipping service.

However, Spotsee now is no longer providing this service. Distributors will need to take the risk instead. The specific reasons are unknown. Wan-Yo is still providing the shock indicator replacement service for its customers and distributors.

impact label activation replacement

Custom Shock Labels

Some companies require adding their logo or changing the shape of shock labels, which both ShockWatch and Impact Label can do. The only difference is “co-branding” and “full custom”. For ShockWatch, they can only accept ‘co-branding’ which means your brand name must align with ShockWatch on the indicator. For Impact Label, no such limitation for custom shock label.

ShockWatch LabelImpact Label
– $500 setup charge & $400 setup charge for additional sensitivities
– Co-branded Label: The ShockWatch name and logo cannot be removed from the label; colors must also remain the same
– MOQ: 3200 units/sensitivity
– $150 setup charge for each sensitivities
– No co-branding request, full custom
-MOQ: 1600 units

Making an Informed Decision for Your Impact Indicators

In the complex landscape of shipping indicators, the choice between SpotSee’s Shockwatch labels and WAN-YO’s Impact labels requires careful consideration. As we’ve delved into various aspects, from the companies’ histories to the nuances of their products and services, it’s clear that both options have their merits.

  • Accuracy and Interchangeability: Through rigorous drop tests, we found that both Shockwatch and Impact labels perform well, with only minimal differences observed in specific scenarios. For those prioritizing accuracy in monitoring, the interchangeability of these brands provides peace of mind.
  • Appearance and Accessories: While similarities exist in colors, shapes, and warning texts, WAN-YO distinguishes itself with an independent serial barcode on the Impact Label. This feature enhances security, preventing tampering and allowing for efficient tracking of each item through their goods tracking system.
  • Price Strategies: SpotSee and WAN-YO adopt different pricing strategies. Shockwatch labels have maintained a stable price over the past two decades, but changes in 2024 may bring variations. In contrast, WAN-YO focuses on market share expansion, offering competitive pricing through platforms like Alibaba.
  • Service Offerings: Both manufacturers provide label selection guides, but WAN-YO’s online selection tool stands out for its convenience. Additionally, WAN-YO offers free dropping tests with lab instruments, catering to customers who prefer hands-on testing for their delicate instruments.
  • Replacement Service and Customization: While Spotsee no longer provides a replacement service for activation shock labels, WAN-YO continues to offer this service, mitigating the risk of damaged products. Moreover, WAN-YO’s flexibility in customization, allowing full custom shock labels without co-branding restrictions, offers a distinct advantage for companies seeking a personalized touch.

In conclusion, the choice between Shockwatch and Impact labels boils down to your specific needs, preferences, and budget considerations. Both companies have demonstrated their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making them reliable options in the competitive shipping indicator market.

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