2024 Top 5 Shockwatch Indicators: ShockWatch, Impact Label, Drop N Tell, Impact-O-Graph, TellShock

2024 Top 5 Shockwatch Indicators ShockWatch Impact Label Drop N Tell Impact O Graph TellShock

You will gain a thorough and simple understanding of shockwatch signs from this post. We walk you through the usage, global brand, fundamental selection, and further information step by step.

What is Shockwatch Indicator?

Self-sticking devices known as Shockwatch indicators, also known as impact indicators, shock detectors, or shock indicators, attach to shipping containers or other components to give a clear visual indication and proof if the shipment has been dropped or subjected to an excessive impact force above a predefined threshold.

When they are shipped, they are mostly visible on the package and, in particular, include a warning label. This is a result of how delicate the shipment is. The indicator changes from translucent to RED in response to a physical shock or impact that is above the threshold. The way a color changes is determined by the manufacturer.

What is ShockWatch Indicator

How are Shockwatch indicators helpful? How do you decide whether or not to use an indicator?

The indicator may appear insignificant, but it has had a significant impact on the shipment’s handling environment for almost 50 years. Before the shockwatch indicator, most shipping companies and handlers passed the buck when shipping damage occurred because no one wanted to accept responsibility. More precisely, no one knows who caused this to occur. Long-distance transportation involves a number of companies and handlers.

These insoluble problems are gradually solved until the shockwatch indicator appears. This is due to the indicator’s ability to easily monitor long-distance shipments and visually alert anyone involved in package handling that extra care is required. These single-use indicators are battery-free, inexpensive, and simple to use, so they are widely accepted in most markets.

However, shippers are always forced to choose between “cost” and “revenue”. Most users ship expensive and fragile merchandise, or those products have been reported as damaged or malfunctioning by a large number of customers. As long as you physically ship your shipment, you should include at least one impact indicator.

How do Shock Watch indicators help How do you evaluate if to use an indicator or not

What brand of Shockwatch indicator should I choose? 5 Trusted Brands in the World

There are currently five most popular brands of shockwatch indicators on the market: ShockWatch, Impact Label, Drop N Tell, Impact-O-Graph, and TellShock.

ShockWatch is the first brand name associated with this product’s success, which explains why most people refer to it as a shockwatch indicator. Just as we would use “Google” as “search” The main features of each brand differ; please contact Impact Indicator 2 for more information.

ShockWatch, ShockDot, ShockWatch 2, ShockWatch RFID

Company: SpotSee

HQ Location: Texas, U.S.A.

Impact Label, Dual Impact Label

Company: WAN-YO

HQ Location: Taiwan, China

Drop N Tell

Company: Index Packaging

HQ Location: New Hampshire, U.S.A


Company: IOG Products

HQ Location: California, U.S.A.


Company: Jumbo Solutions

HQ Location: Duisburg, Germany

Which G level of Shockwatch indicator is best for me?

Which G level of Shock Watch indicator will work best for me

What is G of Shockwatch Indicator?

Each impact indicator corresponds to a “G” level, which means that the indicator will turn bright red when the excessive impact threshold is reached. The higher the number, the greater the shock force required.

In the current market, shockwatch indicators come in eight G-levels or sensitivities, as well as eight different colors. Simply adjust the sensitivity of the shockwatch label to the level of impact that the product and packaging can withstand.

Two simple ways to find the best Shockwatch indicator

  • Selection Guide

When you enter the weight and size of your package into the selection guide chart, you will receive the G level. The selection guide should always serve as a starting point only.

Try the online selection guide.

  • Drop Test

Directly attach all g levels of impact indicators to your package or component and test from your desired height. Select the highest g level among all activation indicators.

When deciding on a g level, ensure that the indicator has the desired effect. The selected indicator can be moved down or up by one g level. Please consult the company you purchased or contact Impact Indicator 2 for a professional consultation.

How do you use Shockwatch Indicator?

Simply place the selected single-use impact indicator on the package or component before it is shipped.

Mounting Best Practices

Install impact indicators as close to the edge as possible in the lower third of the box or pallet. Avoid the center of the package because the mounting locations must be structurally stable. Use two impact indicators if the package is twice as long as it is wide. Place a second indicator in the same location on the package’s opposite side. If you use a 1-axis indicator to make nearly 3-axis detections, apply three pieces to the component with 3-axis dimensions.

If there has been maltreatment during transit, they can be used in conjunction with compatible companion labels placed on the shipping container to provide recipients with clear instructions.

While these instructions are considered best practices, each situation may vary, affecting the indication. Please consult the company you purchased or contact Impact Indicator 2 for a professional consultation.

Where can I buy Shockwatch Indicator?

Following selection, you must decide where to purchase the indicators. Some indicators may be activated during shipment; if you purchase armable indicators with the possibility of activation during shipment, sourcing from a reputable supplier who offers replacement services is the best option. As far as we know, only a few manufacturers offer replacement services. When purchasing go/no-go indicators, the most important considerations are the quantity required and the transit distance between the supplier and your warehouse.

Since cross-border online shopping is becoming more popular, you should understand the Incoterms definition and HS code of the import commodity in case of high tariffs and taxes. Here are some commonly used HS codes for shockwatch indicators and accessories.

itemHS Code
Shockwatch indicator9031.80
Companion label4821.90

Aside from that, some manufacturers, such as WAN-YO, offer OEM or ODM services for putting your logo on indicators. However, some only offer co-branding services.

Where can you buy Shock Watch Indicator

What happens next after applying the Shockwatch Indicator?

To prove a complete packing without a drop, you must photograph the finished package before shipping it. Keep handler indicator labels in place, and carriers handle with care. Inform your customer to inspect the indicator if it is red.

What should you do when the Shockwatch indicator turns red?

a. The delivery of cargo to the consignee continues. Determine when an indication is active.

b. Check that the indicator turns on when the consignee receives the products.

c. The carrier indication should be informed, depending on the indicator user.

If the package is red when it is delivered, it has received an impact that exceeds the allowed limit threshold. It could have been dropped or become loose while being transported. The activation indicator can tell you how the handling environment is and how to get started and change it.

In the future, continue to use these indicators to monitor the quality of your shipment and products during storage and transportation, detect potentially damaged products quickly, and reduce the risk of producing low-quality, defective products.

2023 Top 5 Best Shock Watch Indicator Ultimate Guide ShockWatch Impact Label Drop N Tell Impact O Graph TellShock