【Compare #5】Index Packaging Drop and Tell Indicator v.s Impact Indicator 2

【Compare 5】Index Packaging Drop and Tell Indicator v.s Impact Indicator 2 1

The importance of effective impact monitoring solutions in the fast-paced world of today cannot be emphasized. Two well-known brands, Drop and Tell Indicator and Impact Indicator 2, frequently come to mind when it comes to safeguarding your priceless items during storage or transportation.

A self-adhesive impact damage indicator DropNTell can detect hidden shipment damage. The indicator is a mechanical device that, in the event of an impact, turns an arrow from red to blue. This product, which detects tilt damage to shipments, is a sister product to Tip N Tell. To guarantee that they won’t be activated when they arrive at our customers’ door, Drop N Tell comes with a special lock pin. Thanks to the companion label and bill of lading label, every shipper will know that your valuable cargo is being monitored when you use the Drop N Tell shipping indicator. Six G-force settings are available in Drop N Tell to identify shock and damage to shipments. G-force is derived from 10G, 15G, 25G, and 10G

While Impact Indicator 2 is a new brand, it functions similarly to Drop n Tell indicator. It is also a sister product to TiltMonitor tilt indicator. This post will examine the benefits and features of Impact Indicator 2 and Drop N Tell to assist you in selecting the option that best meets your requirements.

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What is Drop and Tell Indicators?

“Drop N Tell” is the brand name used by Index Packaging for their shipping shock indicators, which are used to ascertain whether your package has been severely dropped or shocked. Drop Tell turns on when an impact surpasses a predetermined G-force threshold to detect possible harm. Drop N Tell is a one-time use mechanical go/no-go device that serves as a visual deterrent and warns shipping handlers to take extra caution when transporting cargo.

Benefits for Businesses

There are many advantages to shipping systems that integrate drop and tell indicators. First of all, it serves as a strong deterrent against inappropriate handling, which significantly reduces the possibility of freight damage. It also enables businesses to hold careless shipping partners accountable. Additionally, using drop tell shock indicator inspires confidence in customers by demonstrating a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Numerous companies have personally witnessed the efficacy of drop tell shock indicator in protecting their shipments. A well-known electronics retailer reported a notable decrease in the quantity of damaged goods after putting up drop and tell signs. In a similar vein, a manufacturer of delicate luxury goods reported a drop in customer complaints about broken items, leading to higher customer retention.

With more than 20 years of experience in the shipping indicator and packaging industry, I can compare some points that most customers care about and provide insightful and practical suggestions. The current stage planning starts with impact indicators and tilt indicators. Since there are fewer manufacturers of this type of product compared to others, it is a good starting point. As the two largest manufacturers of impact indicators, I have to start with the comparison between ShockWatch TiltWatch XTR and Leaning Label tilt indicator.

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Quick Review: Drop N Tell vs Impact Indicator 2

While Impact Indicator 2 is more visible to handlers and emphasizes tamperproofness, it functions similarly to Drop N Tell. Impact Indicator 2 lowers the risk of replacement by giving each device a unique serial number and QR code that enable traceability of each indicator. To ensure that handlers don’t miss it, the companion label and device have larger dimensions.

Key Features of Impact Indicator 2

  • Visual Indication: Upon impact, Impact Indicator 2 provides a clear visual indication, making it easy to identify mishandling.
  • Tamper-Proof: It is designed to be tamper-proof, ensuring the integrity of the recorded data.
  • Diverse Product Range: Impact Indicator 2 offers various models catering to different industries and scenarios, from 5G to 75G.

Key Features of Drop Tell Indicator

  • Impact Sensitivity: Drop N Tell Indicator is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that can detect even the slightest impacts, ensuring accurate monitoring.
  • Instant Alert: When an impact exceeds the predefined threshold, the device triggers an instant alert, allowing you to take immediate action.
  • User-Friendly: The device is easy to install and use, making it suitable for various industries and applications.
  • Eco-Friendly: Resettable Drop N Tell indicators can be used up to 30–40 times before needing to be reset with a specific tool, convenient for research and testing.

 50G Impact Indicator 2 ShockWatch 2drop n tell
Impact Indicator 2Drop N Tell
Sensitivity5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 50G, 100G
SecurityNon-ResettableResettable / Non-Resettable
Scan typeQR Code N/A
Indication Window SizeLargerSmaller
Dimension42.5 X 47.5 X 5.2mm21 X 51 X 5mm
Armability (Read: Activated before using)Field-armable (Read: No)Field-armable (Read: No)
Limited Orientation DetectionYesYes

#1 Function & Sensitivity

The primary worry for the majority of customers is the functional distinction between the Impact Indicator 2 and the drop tell shock indicator. When it comes to tracking their pricey gadgets in case of malfunction, users worry about precision.
We tested the Impact Indicator 2 and the drop tell shock indicator using drop testing on a cardboard box. Both indicators can show both upper and lower impact directions. The technical data sheets for both indicators show that the sensitivity is the same. Testing on a carton or wood crate is not feasible due to the drop machine’s tiny G level and height restriction.

As a result, both indicators are interchangeable.

#2 Appearance & Accessories

Features shared by dual indication windows of comparable sizes are present in both indicators.

While the drop tell shock indicator appears basic, Impact Indicator 2 includes color to G-level, instructions, a website, and a tamperproof serial number.

As mentioned earlier, the shape is also important. The appearance of Impact Indicator 2 differs from that of other shock indicators in the same sector. An overview of all single-use shock indicators shows that the most popular shapes are octagons, rhombus, and rectangles; however, shield shape leads the global market.

Their accessory is another noteworthy feature.
The drop tell shock indicator comes with a free shipping warning label and an alert bill of lading sticker, both of which are printed on a single sticker sheet. A frame label for a solid attachment is not included. The two screw-locking holes in the plastic housing are not suitable for cartons.

Free labels for Impact Indicator 2 combine an alert sticker, a companion label, and a frame label. In addition to cutting waste for green actualization, this design makes it simpler for users to apply accessories to shipments using a single sheet rather than three sticker sheets.

Because of the significant age difference between the products, the majority of the features are different.

Product Appearance Impact Indicator 2 5g
Size: 42.5 x 47.5 mm
drop tell shock Indicator 5g
Size: 21 X 51 mm
Frame Label Impact Indicator 2 5g frame label ring label
Size: 133 x 135 mm
No Frame Label Included for Attaching Firmly
Alert Sticker Impact Indicator 2 alert sticker
Size: 40 x 45 mm
Drop N Tell Alert Stickers
Size: 96 x 19 mm
Companion Label Impact Indicator 2 5g companion label
Size: 197 x 134 mm
Drop N Tell warning frame label ring label
Size: 99 x 96 mm

#3 Usage

There’s no difference in usage between the drop tell shock indicator and Impact Indicator 2 as they’re simple-to-use devices.

How do you use Drop N Tell Shock Indicator and Impact Indicator 2?

Drop N Tell:

1. Attach the Drop N Tell using the pressure-sensitive tape provided on the back of the indicator or two No.6 screws.

2. Pull the metal lock pin from the front of the indicator. Take care not to trip the indicator when removing the pin. Or push a small paper clip into the hole in the center of each end of the indicator.

Impact Indicator 2:

Simply tear the back liner of the indicator and attach it to the package.


#4 Select the “G” of DropNTell & Impact Indicator 2

“Which impact indicator 2 or DropNTell indicator will work best for me?” It has been the worry and query of the novice. It’s not that difficult to choose the best one, really. In general, you should mount the label lower on a heavier shipment. There are two approaches.

The selection table tells you which label to use based on the dimensions and weight of your shipment. However, packaging and construction might affect the connection between drop height and DropNTell activation. Only general reference use is intended for this table. Minimal testing is required.

DropNTell Selection Guide

kg/m3 0-0.280.28-0.140.17-0.430.45-1.421.42+

Impact Indicator 2 Selection Guide

kg/m3 0.14-0.420.42-1.421.42-2.832.83-7.087.08-14.1614.16-304.8304.8+

Minimal Testing

Attach all G levels to your products and drop them from the lowest height until they break. Choose the G level with the highest G as your best option. 5G, 10G, and 15G are active. When 25G to 75G are rendered inactive due to product damage, 15G is optimal.

How do you use ShockWatch 2 Drop Test


1. When using Drop N Tell and Impact Indicator 2, always place the indicators on the right edge of the package.

2. Always apply indicators to the longest side of your package.

To reduce the risk of damage as much as possible, you should notify the handlers and carrier that Drop N Tell or Impact Indicator 2 has been applied.

How do you use ShockWatch 2 placement

#5 Drop Tell Shock Indicator Price & Impact Indicator 2 Price

Price has always been the most important consideration for sellers and businesses, regardless of whether they change. The two brands’ pricing strategies differ.

Drop N Tell impact indicator is priced between US $3 and $5. Prices for distribution and retail may differ.

Impact Indicator 2 is priced between US $1.8 and $3.8. Prices for distribution and retail may differ.

Due to production costs, drop tell shock indicator price has remained relatively constant and expensive over the last ten years; Impact Indicator 2 is a new brand distributed for nearly 2 – 3 years only. Both indicators can be purchased from the distributor channel. An online store is not available.

Given current market prices, Impact Indicator 2’s pricing is slightly lower than Drop N Tell.

Making the Informed Choice: Which Indicator Suits Your Needs?

In summing up the comparative analysis between the Drop and Tell Indicator and Impact Indicator 2, it’s evident that each has unique features tailored to specific business needs, impacting how companies choose to monitor and ensure the safety of their shipments. The Drop and Tell Indicator, with its state-of-the-art sensitivity and eco-friendly, resettable option, offers a robust solution for those looking for reliable shipment monitoring with an emphasis on sustainability. Conversely, Impact Indicator 2 brings enhanced visibility, tamper-proof security, and a broader range of sensitivity options to the table, making it an ideal choice for businesses prioritizing traceability and adaptability in their shipping processes.

Both indicators serve as a deterrent against improper handling, thereby minimizing potential shipment damage and fostering accountability among shipping partners. This not only safeguards the integrity of the cargo but also significantly boosts customer confidence by demonstrating a commitment to delivering products in pristine condition.

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of logistics and transportation, the choice between Drop and Tell Indicator and Impact Indicator 2 will hinge on specific shipping requirements, sensitivity needs, and budget constraints. While Drop and Tell leans towards eco-conscious companies with its reusable feature, Impact Indicator 2 caters to those requiring higher levels of security and traceability. Ultimately, employing either of these indicators is a step towards enhancing the reliability and efficiency of shipping operations, thereby upholding the quality assurance standards that customers have come to expect.

The detailed exploration of these indicators underscores the importance of integrating sophisticated monitoring technologies into shipping and handling processes. By doing so, businesses not only protect their assets but also reinforce their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. In choosing between Drop and Tell Indicator and Impact Indicator 2, companies are equipped to make informed decisions that align with their operational goals and customer expectations, ensuring that every shipment arrives at its destination as intended, without compromise.

As the shipping and logistics industry evolves, so too will the technologies designed to protect goods in transit. Companies are encouraged to stay abreast of these developments, continuously adapting their shipping strategies to incorporate the most effective and efficient impact monitoring solutions available. In doing so, they will not only preserve the integrity of their shipments but also solidify their reputation as reliable and conscientious providers in the eyes of their customers.

FQA for Drop N Tell

How does Drop N Tell work?

Elastic reed and iron components are the main components of the Drop N Tell indication. The reed pushes the colored iron in response to an external force.

What is Drop N Tell Price?

The market price of Drop N Tell is around $3.5 – $4.8 for non-resettable and $3.5 – $6.5 for resettable indicators.

Where to Buy Drop N Tell?

The best location to get it is on Amazon because of their quick deliveries and simple transactions. However, local distributors or packaging wholesalers provide more affordable Drop N Tell prices than online retailers.