【Compare #6】Index Tip N Tell Indicators v.s TiltMonitor Tilt Indicators

【Compare 6】Index Tip N Tell Indicators v.s TiltMonitor Tilt Indicators

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Tip N Tell, a tilt indicator, is primarily used to determine whether goods that must remain upright during transportation have been tilted or not. Tilting the Tip N Tell indicator 90° left or right causes the middle to turn blue, indicating that the goods were tilted during transportation. This color change is irreversible. When the consignee sees the shipment’s signs, he or she must open the box and inspect the contents.

The blue arrowhead on Tip N Tell Indicators indicates and immediately notifies recipients that a package has been tipped over during shipping and handling, which has a clear plastic label, a plastic pull pin, a warning label to attach to your package, and a bill of lading. It is a low-cost technology that warns of potential damage to a tipped container in transportation. Tip-N-Tell is one of the leading damage detection devices that has been available for over 50 years since 1968, while the sister product Drop N Tell is another one.

When the Tip N Tell indicator(s) turn from white to blue, it indicates a tilting incident; it does not necessarily refer to damaged goods. So don’t reject the goods. When your goods arrive, you should immediately and thoroughly inspect them.

“Will there be a problem if I replace Tip N Tell Indicators with TiltMonitor Tilt Indicators?” users are always concerned about this.

In the shipping indicator market, there are many many brands, and people often have a question: How should I choose a brand? Just like the question you have when you choose a TV at home: should I choose a brand with a well-known brand? Or a product with high cost-effectiveness? Therefore, This gave me the idea of ​​”comparison indicators”.

With more than 20 years of experience in the shipping indicator and packaging industry, I can compare some points that most customers care about and provide insightful and practical suggestions. The current stage planning starts with impact indicators and tilt indicators. Since there are fewer manufacturers of this type of product compared to others, it is a good starting point. As the two largest manufacturers of impact indicators, I have to start with the comparison between ShockWatch TiltWatch XTR and Leaning Label tilt indicator.

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What are Tip N Tell indicator labels?

Pressure-sensitive Tip-N-Tell Indicator Labels are attached to your shipment to alert you if it was tipped during transit. Users simply pull the pin on the side to activate the label. Its blue bead in the arrow indicates if the package was mishandled; will register at a little less than 90 degrees or beyond. Tip N Tell indicator labels will not be triggered until it is mounted and once triggered, it cannot be tampered with. Shipment carriers will be aware that the Tip N Tell damage indication is watching your high-value products.

There are some similarities and some differences in the responses. The table below provides a brief overview of the differences between the two labels.

tip n tell indicator labels
Tip N Tell Red / Clear
tiltmonitor tilt indicators
Country of OriginUS
Activation Angle90°90°
Companion LabelsFreeOn the Indicator
Size (mm)97 x 70.8 x 2.5
95.2 x 69.7 x 3.4
97.85 x 70.65 x 3.32
PinMetal / PlasticFlat Plastic
ActivationPlier / HandsHands
Tamperproof Serial No.NoYES

What are the differences between clear and red Tip N Tell?

If you’ve been in the packaging industry for more than 30 years, you should be familiar with the RED Tip N Tell damage indicator, which has been sold for over 50 years. Color is undoubtedly not the only difference; everything lighter in clear Tip N Tell, such as the plastic housing, activation pin, size, and printing, contributes to a more environmentally friendly world; however, the price remains unchanged.

#1 Tip N Tell Manufacturer – Index Packaging | TiltMonitor

Tip N Tell – Index Packaging’s Product

Tip N Tell is a sister product of the Drop N Tell brand, produced in the United States by Index Packaging, a company based in New Hampshire, that specializes in packaging solutions. Index Packaging, Inc. was established in 1968 in New York, with the creation of the Tip(N)Tell Shipping Indicator. Later in 1978, the patent rights to the Drop(N)Tell Shipping Indicator were obtained.


TiltMonitor is manufactured under an MFG of monitoring devices such as shock, tilt, and temp, supplying clients around the world with reasonable prices and qualified products.

#2 Appearance & Functions

Tip N Tell and Tilt Monitor have the same indications of tipping and texts and use an upright arrow to alert handlers tilt indicator is in place. Among vital differences, Tip N Tell is an old brand that expresses through text while Tilt Monitor is a relatively young brand that expresses through visual pattern.

Another worthwhile point – all info on Tip N Tell warning label is on Tilt Monitor indicator itself to reduce the use of stickers and actualize eco-friendly. TiltMonitor™ currently only has one type with the same function as Tip N Tell, but with slightly different activation, patterns, and dimensions.

Compared with TiltWatch and Leaning Label tilt indicators, Tip N Tell and Tilt Monitor work in a different way, with powders spread out and sticking to the arrow once tilted. As a result, reversal tampering is not possible to realize, meanwhile, reversal with a magnet is not applicable either.

Tilt Monitor Tip N Tell Appearance Functions

#3 Quality & Sensitivity

The majority of customers are concerned about the functional difference between Tilt Monitor and Tip N Tell. Users are concerned about the accuracy of monitoring their expensive devices in case of a breakdown.

Tip n Tell indicators and Tilt Monitor indicator labels behave identically when triggered at the same angle, 90 degrees.

How does Tip N Tell work?

Tip N Tell consists of colored blue powder, a 45° slope, and a viscous window. When the cargo is tilted, the blue powder inside will slide down the angled slope and into the middle window, while the sticky window will hold the blue powder. The user can determine whether the cargo has been tilted. However, powder moves out at 45° ~ 90° according to the speed of tilt. The faster the cargo tilted, the smaller angles the indicator triggered.

Tilt Monitor and Tip N. Tell damage indicators are the same in terms of features, certifications, and reliability testing. Tilt testing for both indicators shows that excessive tilting is consistent and will not be detected under typical handling conditions such as takeoff angles.

As a result, you may feel completely at ease if you have multiple concerns to address!

#4 Accessories & Cost

Tilt Monitor & Tip N Tell Indicators Accessories

Tip N Tell has a free warning label to instruct couriers and consignees what if the indicator is activated. Tilt Monitor excludes a warning label but all indication is on the indicator itself.

ProductTip N Tell Red/ClearTilt Monitor
Appearancetip n tell indicator labels tiltmonitor tilt indicators
Alert StickerTip N Tell Alert StickersN/A
Warning LabelTip N Tell warning frame label ring label

tiltmonitor tilt indicators warning label
on indicator itself
Cost (retail price)US $1-2.8US $0.9-2.5

Tilt Monitor and Tip N Tell Price

Most buyers make purchasing decisions based on “functionality” and “reasonable price”. Brand awareness represents buyers’ understanding of a company, whereas related certifications indicate the organization’s product value. Both are indispensable. Some purchasers find sources on Uline Tip N Tell. The price of the Tip N Tell ranges from US $1 to $2.8, while the Tilt Monitor costs between US $0.9 and $2.5 on market.

Conclusion: The Right Choice for Tilt Indicators – Tip N Tell or TiltMonitor?

As we reach the conclusion of our analysis on tilt indicators, particularly between Tip N Tell and TiltMonitor, it is clear that the market offers viable options tailored to various shipment monitoring needs. These indicators play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of goods that require upright handling during transit. Understanding the nuances of each product helps in making an informed decision that best fits the logistic requirements and safeguards your valuable cargo.

Both Tip N Tell and TiltMonitor effectively respond to the same activation angle and provide irreversible evidence of tilting, making them indispensable tools in logistics. The choice between the two may come down to slight preferences in activation mechanisms, cost-effectiveness, and additional features like environmental considerations and design simplicity.

Key Insights:

  • Functionality and Sensitivity: Both indicators trigger at a 90-degree tilt, ensuring reliable monitoring of shipment handling without the need for complex mechanisms.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: TiltMonitor offers a slightly lower price point, which can be a deciding factor for companies managing large-scale shipments and looking to optimize their spending.
  • Environmental Impact: Tip N Tell’s shift towards a lighter, clearer design indicates a move towards more environmentally friendly materials, appealing to eco-conscious businesses.
  • Ease of Use: Both indicators are user-friendly, but TiltMonitor’s integrated warning label may reduce the need for additional materials, streamlining the application process.

Ultimately, the decision should align with your company’s operational priorities, financial constraints, and environmental policies. Both products provide the necessary functionality to alert recipients of potential mishandling, ensuring that your goods are handled with the care they deserve.

Take Action: Experience the Assurance Yourself

Why not see the effectiveness of these indicators firsthand? TiltMonitor is currently offering FREE SAMPLES. This is an excellent opportunity to test out their product in your logistics operations and see the benefits for yourself. Reliable, cost-effective, and easy to use, TiltMonitor could be the solution you are looking for to safeguard your shipments.

Make the informed choice for your logistics needs. Ensure your shipments arrive just as they were sent, with the right tilt indicator. Secure, monitor, and protect with confidence.

How to Use Tip and Tell Damage Indicators?

The correct step to use Tip and Tell Damage Indicators:
1. Tear off the tape behind and keep it upward (do not shake or tilt)
2. Paste it on your goods
3. Remove the strip on the left
4. You have to apply tip and tell damage indicators on one side and another compulsory for 360° detection.