【Compare #4】Spotsee Shockwatch 2 v.s Impact Indicator 2

24.03【Compare 4】Shockwatch 2 v.s Impact Indicator 2

Impact indicator ShockWatch 2, modern technology offers a solution to damaged freight and is a one-time use, go/no-go gadget that detects drops on delicate items in storage or during transportation. Among single-use, field-armable and bi-directional impact indicator MFGs, Drop N Tell is the first brand moving to market, and Impact Indicator 2, a brand-new product, has appeared in recent years.

Drop N Tell

It is one of the oldest shock indicators, with a history of more than 50 years, even before the ShockWatch 2 came out. The feature is “resettable” for choice, which has the same go/no-go device as ShockWatch 2.

Impact Indicator 2

As the next generation of freight protection, Impact Indicator 2 offers dual-directional impact detection, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in identifying potential damage during the entire journey. Moreover, companion labels and alert stickers are integrated into one label.

What are the functions, performance, and pros/cons of these 3 brands? There are many brands in the shipping indicator market, and people often have a question: How should I choose a brand? Just like the question you have when you choose a TV at home: should I choose a brand with a well-known brand? Or a product with high cost-effectiveness? Therefore, This gave me the idea of ​​”comparison indicators”.

With more than 20 years of experience in the shipping indicator and packaging industry, I can compare some points that most customers care about and provide insightful and practical suggestions. The current stage planning starts with impact indicators and tilt indicators. Since there are fewer manufacturers of this type of product compared to others, it is a good starting point. As the two largest manufacturers of impact indicators, I have to start with the comparison between ShockWatch TiltWatch XTR and Leaning Label tilt indicator.

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We will start with ShockWatch 2 and Impact Indicator 2. See the table below for a quick comparison of how the two labels differ from one another.

shockwatch 2 5G frame label ring label
Shockwatch 2
Impact Indicator 2 5g frame label ring label
Impact Indicator 2
MFGSpotseeImpact Indicator 2
Country of OriginMexico/China/USN/A
Armability (Read: Activated before using)Field-Armable (Read: No)Field-Armable (Read: No)
Sensitivity5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G
DimensionIndicator: 43 x 43 mm
Frame Label: 97 x 97 mm
Indicator: 42.5 x 47.5 mm
Frame Label: 133 x 135 mm
Limited Orientation DetectionYesYes
Indication Window SizeLargerSmaller
Scan TypeBarcodeQR Code
ISO 9001YesYes
A more detailed comparison is in the following contents.

What is a ShockWatch 2?

ShockWatch 2 impact indicators are single-use, go/no-go devices that determine if fragile products have been dropped during transit or in storage. The indicators are field-armable, tamperproof devices that turn bright red when an impact beyond a specific threshold has occurred. It is a compact and highly sensitive impact indicator that attaches directly to the packaging of goods. The device acts as a visual deterrent and alerts shipping handlers to exercise care during transportation.

ShockWatch 2, is a revolutionary tool that prevents damaged freight and ensures the safe delivery of goods. Not only do businesses face financial setbacks from replacing or refunding damaged products, but they also risk losing customer trust and loyalty. Imagine a customer eagerly awaiting a long-awaited package, only to receive it in a damaged condition. This negative experience can result in lost sales and tarnished brand perception.

Benefits for Businesses

The advantages of integrating ShockWatch 2 into logistics processes are manifold. Firstly, it serves as a strong deterrent against mishandling, reducing the chances of freight damage significantly. Secondly, it enables businesses to hold shipping partners accountable for any negligence. Additionally, using ShockWatch 2 demonstrates a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, instilling confidence in clients.

Numerous companies have witnessed the transformative power of ShockWatch 2 in protecting their shipments. A prominent electronics retailer reported a substantial reduction in damaged products after implementing ShockWatch 2. Similarly, a fragile luxury goods manufacturer experienced fewer customer complaints about broken items, leading to increased customer retention.

What is the difference between ShockWatch 1 and 2?

Except for ShockWatch2, the mother product, ”ShockWatch 1”, is the most well-known shock indicator. ShockWatch 1 and ShockWatch 2 are mechanical devices. Unlike ShockWatch 1, ShockWatch 2 is a go/no-go device that can be activated when a shipper wishes to. Secondly, ShockWatch 2 can record a wider magnitude of impacts or shocks that a product is exposed to during shipment. Last, Shockwatch 1 has 3-axis impact detection while ShockWatch 2 has one-axis impact detection.

What is the difference between ShockWatch 1 and 2

The cost and effect of these two are very different, you can choose according to your budget and product characteristics; or contact us to assist you.

#1 MFG: SpotSee & Impact Indicator 2

ShockWatch 2 Shock Indicator (Shockwatch Inc., now Spotsee’s product)

Supply chain solutions business Shockwatch Inc. (previously Spotsee) with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, manufactures the ShockWatch 2 product line domestically. When you search “shockwatch.com” on Google, “Spotsee.io” comes up. Before 2017, Texas, USA, was the primary location for Shockwatch 2 manufacturing. Later, China and Mexico became the primary locations for the production of Shockwatch labels.

Impact Indicator 2

Some distributors have started to resell the products, however, Impact Indicator 2 doesn’t disclose MFG’s info on its official page. So far, we haven’t had any info about MFG and the produced location.

#2 Function & Sensitivity

For most customers, the main point of concern is the functional difference between the Shockwatch 2 shock indicator and the Impact Indicator 2. Users are concerned about accuracy when it comes to monitoring their expensive devices in case of breakdown.
On a cardboard box, we conducted drop tests for the Impact Indicator 2 and the Shockwatch 2 shock indicator. ShockWatch 2 can indicate one direction of impact, upper or down; however, Impact Indicator 2 can indicate two directions of impact, upper AND down. The sensitivity is the same according to the technical data sheets of both indicators. Due to the small G level and height limitation of the drop machine, testing on a carton/wood crate is not workable.

ShockWatch 2 users may monitor their shipments with peace of mind using any brand while Impact Indicator 2 users should reconsider whether ‘dual directions’ affects monitor effects to shipment.

#3 Appearance & Accessories

Both indicators have features common to color to G-level, instruction, website, and tamperproof. The scan type of Impact Indicator 2 is a QR code while ShockWatch 2 is a barcode. The indication window of activation is largely different, but it’s understandable due to the extra distinguish direction of impact in Impact Indicator 2.

Moreover, the shape is also worth noting. Impact Indicator 2 looks different than other shock indicators from the same industry. Overview of all single-use shock indicators, octagon, rhombus, and rectangle are the most common, however, shield shape is the pioneer in the global market. The ShockWatch 2 seems to follow the previous generation’s styling to maintain brand consistency.

Another worth noting is Impact Indicator 2’s accessory, whose free labels combine a frame label, an alert sticker and a companion label. This design reduces waste for go-green actualization, meanwhile, is easier for users to apply accessories to shipment with one sheet, instead of 3 sticker sheets.

Product Appearance Impact Indicator 2 5g
Size: 42.5 x 47.5 mm
45000k shockwatch2 1
Size: 43 x 43 mm
Frame Label Impact Indicator 2 5g frame label ring label
Size: 133 x 135 mm
shockwatch 2 5G frame label ring label
Size: 97 x 97 mm
Alert Sticker Impact Indicator 2 alert sticker
Size: 40 x 45 mm
ShockWatch 2 Alert Sticker
Size: 76 x 25 mm
Companion Label Impact Indicator 2 5g companion label
Size: 197 x 134 mm
ShockWatch 2 25g companion label
Size: 222 x 146 mm

#4 Usage

There’s no difference in usage between Shockwatch 2 and Impact Indicator 2 as they’re simple-to-use devices.

How do you use ShockWatch 2 and Impact Indicator 2?

When using a ShockWatch 2 / Impact Indicator 2 you should:

  1. Always place labels on the right edge of the shipment.
  2. Always place labels on the longest side of your shipment.

After you apply ShockWatch 2, we strongly recommend that you notify the handlers and carrier that ShockWatch 2 indicator is in place, which lowers the risk of damage as much as possible.

While “tear off and stick on” is the simplest way to use ShockWatch 2 and Impact Indicator 2, “where to stick” is an important consideration as they impact the product’s functionality and ability to track your shipments due to shipment structure.

How do you use ShockWatch 2 placement

#5 Select “G” of ShockWatch 2 & Impact Indicator 2

There’s no difference in label selection between Shockwatch 2 and Impact Indicator 2 as the technical data shows the same performance.

“Which ShockWatch Label will work best for me?” It’s been the beginner’s concern and question. Speak straight, selecting the best ShockWatch 2 shock indicators depends on your needs, as a result, methods may vary. However, one principle is “the heavier the shipment, the lower G you should mount the label.” The reason for the rule of thumb is a heavy shipment can lead large impact force (acceleration) at a low height and result in damage. If we use 100G for heavy shipment that requires higher drop height, the damage is more serious and in poor condition.

Selection Guide

The selection table specifies which label you should use depending on the weight and size of your shipment. However, packaging and construction may affect the correlation between drop height and ShockWatch 2 / Impact Indicator 2 activation. This table is intended as an approximate guide only. Minimal testing is required.

m3/ kg0.14-0.420.42-1.421.42-2.832.83-7.087.08-14.1614.16-304.8304.8+

Minimal Testing

Affix all G levels to your goods, then drop the goods from the lowest height until your product breaks, choose the largest G as the best one. For example, 5G, 10G, 15G are activated 25G to 75G are inactivated as product damaged, then 15G is the most suitable.

How do you use ShockWatch 2 Drop Test

#6 ShockWath 2 Price & Impact Indicator 2 Price

Price has always been the most important factor for sellers and businesses, whether they change or not. The two brands’ approaches to pricing differ.

  • Shockwatch 2 is priced between US $2 and $5. Prices for distribution and retail may differ.
  • Impact Indicator 2 is priced between US $1.8 and $3.8. Prices for distribution and retail may differ.

Due to production costs and control by the agent/distributor, the price of the ShockWatch shock indicator has remained relatively constant over the last ten years; however, starting in 2024, some distributors may notice a significant change. Spotsee used its official website to create an online store. Future price disparities might increase.

Impact Indicator 2 is a new brand distributed for nearly 2 – 3 years only, so far, the product can be purchased from the distributor channel. An online store is not available.

Given the current price on markets, the Impact Indicator 2’s pricing is a bit lower than ShockWatch 2.

Make Your Shipment’s Safety a Priority: Choose the Right Impact Indicator Today!

In concluding our comparison between the ShockWatch 2 and the Impact Indicator 2, it’s imperative to understand that choosing the right impact indicator is not merely a matter of preference but a critical decision that can significantly affect the integrity of shipped goods, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the reputation of a business. Both products offer unique features tailored to meet the diverse needs of the shipping and logistics industry.

ShockWatch 2

The ShockWatch 2, with its rich heritage and reputation for reliability, stands out for its single-use, go/no-go functionality, which is designed to deter mishandling and provide a clear indication of impact beyond a predetermined threshold. Its field-armable feature, along with a variety of sensitivity options, makes it versatile for a wide range of applications. The larger indication window and the use of barcodes for tracking and serialization add to its appeal, especially for businesses seeking a straightforward, dependable solution.

Impact Indicator 2

On the other hand, Impact Indicator 2 introduces innovations such as dual-directional impact detection, which enhances accuracy in monitoring potential damage. Its design integrates companion labels and alert stickers into a single label, streamlining the application process and contributing to waste reduction efforts. The QR code scan type, along with a slightly different dimensional profile and the pioneering shield shape, positions it as a modern alternative that caters to evolving market demands.

When choosing between the two, businesses must consider their specific needs, including the sensitivity required for their shipments, the ease of application, environmental considerations, and budget constraints. The ShockWatch 2’s established reputation and proven effectiveness make it a go-to choice for companies prioritizing reliability and simplicity. In contrast, the Impact Indicator 2’s innovative features and competitive pricing might appeal to businesses looking for a cost-effective, modern solution that does not compromise on accuracy or environmental sustainability.

Ultimately, the decision should be informed by a thorough evaluation of the product’s compatibility with the nature of the goods being shipped, the logistical challenges anticipated, and the business’s overall objectives regarding customer satisfaction and product integrity. Both ShockWatch 2 and Impact Indicator 2 bring valuable contributions to the table, and their respective strengths and innovations play a crucial role in advancing the safety and efficiency of freight transportation.


How does ShockWatch work?

The red liquid is held in place by the surface tension of the liquid itself – much like a drop of water on a highly waxed surface. Based on several factors in the process of manufacture, the amount of ‘force’ necessary to disturb the surface tension can be controlled and predicted. Once that happens, the red liquid dissipates into the white coating, thus turning the label RED. Normal handling and vibration will NOT activate a ShockWatch device. The ShockWatch device is designed to take on the weight and mass properties of the object to which it is attached. It will react differently if simply held in your hand freely before attachment. Once attached it measures impact as registered on the object itself. When the device turns RED it is an indication of rough handling and potential damage to the contents.

What is the function of ShockWatch?

ShockWatch deter mishandling and reduce damage-related costs by indicating when products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit or in storage. ShockWatch devices are tamper proof, field armable, mechanically activated devices that turn bright red when an impact occurs.
ShockWatch is useful in a variety of industries, which is particularly important in quality assurance, such as semi-finished products and finished products during storage and transportation, to detect potentially damaged products quickly, and to reduce the risk of producing low-quality, defective products.

Can ShockWatch 2 be used for international shipments?

ShockWatch 2 can be used for both domestic and international shipments, ensuring the protection of goods throughout their journey. ShockWatch and ShockWatch 2 are made of no battery and no toxic materials.